WARSAW — College isn’t for everyone, and OrthoWorx hoped that it could show Kosciusko County eighth graders that it is “possible to have a good job” without the degree.

Local eighth graders took tours of Ivy Tech Orthopedic and Advanced Manufacturing Training Center, Warsaw Area Career Center and Precision Medical Technologies throughout the day Thursday, Oct. 5.

Students learned about the various career opportunities available in the orthopedic manufacturing industry in the area. While at Precision Medical Technologies, Edgewood students were informed that starting paying at the company with no prior experience would be $12 in the quality department with the possibility of advancement with pay up to $26.

“If you direct your students to this type of career, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be an entry level machinist for the rest of their lives. Once they get their foot in the door, that’s really where they determine what they want to do,” Tom Till, director of advanced manufacturing at Ivy Tech, stated earlier this year when faculty and staff toured.

Along with learning about salary and what the various positions might entail, students watched employees performing jobs throughout the tours, experiencing first hand what a career at Precision Medical Technologies would entail.

“Hand-eye coordination,” one employee answered when asked what were some skills need for polishing. “You have to be able to not alter the plates. You’re just cleaning them up. Any alterations result in a trashing the product.”

Students were also handed an overview sheet of what Precision Medical Technologies looks for in applicants as well as a pay scale and current job openings.