Premedtec Making Additions to Machining Capacity

Precision Medical Technologies, Inc. recently announced they will be making a significant addition in their machining capacity. The business will be adding 5 CNC machining centers over the next 6 months which will represent a 20% increase in overall capacity. Kurt Kamholz, President and Co-Owner, stated that the expansion is driven by increased demand from both our current customers and new accounts. Kamholz said we want to be prepared to support our customer’s growth, and recently we have been scheduling our equipment above that 80% level which begins to threaten on-time deliveries. Kamholz said the business will be adding three 5 Axis Haas VF-3SS Mills, and two Mori Seiki 6 Axis Chuckers as quickly as possible between now and year-end. Staffing of the new positions will follow the machine installation schedule; adding approximately 15-17 new positions.