Premedtec Continues To Increase Capacity

Kurt Kamholz, President of Precision Medical Technologies, Inc. is announcing that the company will continue to add capacity this year with a new HAAS VF-3 Four Axis Mill, and a new HAAS VF-3SS Five Axis Mill. In addition, the company plans to increase Lathe capacity later this year and add the equipment for in-house gun drilling to allow for greater flexibility in our scheduling. Kamholz believes it is important to invest in the business during slower times to ensure that we will be the chosen supplier with available capacity and skilled employees as demand increases. Not only will we be adding equipment this year, but we are also investing in our Quality System to be 13485 Compliant. Kamholz feels that the company will be certified by the end of this summer and will be in a position to supply our Customers more capacity on the implant side of the business. We will continue with our strategy of focusing on a small group of Customers to provide a very high level of customer service.